unCOILed 2016

Thinking Outside the Information Literacy Box: Supporting Multi-Literacies    

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A big thank you to all that presented and attended unCOIled this year! Presentations are linked below:

  • Keynote (Heather Collins, Joelle Pitts, Sara Kearns), “Thriving in New Landscapes: Metaliteracies, Framework, and Partnerships”
  • Matt Upson & Natalie Singleton, “Donald Trump, Legalizing Marijuana, & the Healing Power of Cat Purrs: Using Infographics to Start Conversations about Visual Literacy, Source Evaluation, and Information Ethics”
  • Jennifer Tatum, “Trendy Tech Tools for Teaching”
  • Christine Edwards, “Providing for Musical & Visual Intelligences: Resources for the Performing Arts”
  • Daniel J. Pool, “Games Literacy for Digital Natives
  • Chris Rosser & Josh Bailey, “Badgering our Students: Information Literacy Assessment Through Digital Badging”
  • Kristen Burkholder, “Fictional Information Has Value, Too”

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